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The Toyostove Laser 560 heater can heat up to 1100 Sq. Ft. of living space at only a fraction of the cost of other heating systems. With a sealed combustion direct-vent system that uses outside air and vents gases directly outdoors, the Laser 560 provides you and your family safe, comfortable warmth for zone heating, small homes, or cabins. Learn more by watching these Toyotomi and Toyostove videos. We also professionally service, install, repair and carry parts for all Toyostove Laser heaters.

Toyostove Laser 560 


  •  Whisper Quiet Operation
  •   'Set-back' Thermostat
  •  24 Hours a Day Automatic
  •  24 Hours AM/PM Timer
  •  4 Cycle Burner Mode
  •  "Shut-Off' Safety System
  •  Power Failure Recovery System
  •  Cool Top Cabinet
  •  Display Room Temp and Set Temp
  •  Automatic Ignitor Cleaning System
  •  Removable Fuel Tank
  •  Only 3" Hole Needed for Flue Pipe



  •  Heating Area: 920 sq. ft (0 Degrees F) - 1100 sq. ft. (20 Degrees F)
  •  Dimensions (WxHxD): 24.4" x 26.75" x 16"
  •  Fuel Type: K1 Kerosene or #1 Fuel Oil
  •  Electric Rating: AC 120V, 60Hz
  •  Heating Efficiency: 87% (AFUE Rating)
  •  Heating Rating: 22,000 BTU/Hr (high); 15,000 BTU/Hr
     (medium); 8,000 BTU/Hr (low)
  •  Weight: 60 lbs (empty)
  •  Type of Tank: Removable or Exterior


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